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Compliance for installation in plenums

Did you know ? INSUGUARD products are in compliance for installation in Plenum Airspace.

Insuguard pipe supports are certified to UL723 standard.  As a result of this  certification, Insuguard products are in compliance with UL requirements for installation in plenums.


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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recently published a document to clarify that only some specific  products need to be tested under UL 2043 due to their inability to be manufactured in compliance with the requirements of UL 723 testing setup. The UL document clearly states that:

If a product has already been certified to UL 723, it doesn’t have to be further certified to UL 2043. UL 2043 requirements are based on the technical rationale of the UL 723 standard but apply to products that cannot be tested to UL 723 requirements due to their small size, inability to manufacture the materials to UL 723 specified samples or other factors.

The Insuguard pipe supports do not belong to above category of small size samples and therefore they do not need to be further tested to UL 2043. Our products were tested as normal samples under the UL 723 procedure and obtained full certification.

In order to reassure some of our customers who inquired about the compliance of Insuguard product for use in plenums we asked UL’s engineers to confirm whether further testing under UL 2043 was necessary. As you can see from UL’s reply in the following page, the answer is NO.

In other words, UL 2043 certification is in lieu of UL 723 for discrete products which cannot be setup as a 24 feet long sample in the fire testing chamber. Our pipe supports were setup as 24 feet long samples in the fire testing chamber at UL’s testing laboratories. They  passed all tests for UL 723 certification and therefore need not to be further certified under UL 2043 standard.

January 2016


UL confirms that UL 2043 certification is not required for products already certified to UL 723

From : Bogdan, Daniel <>

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Subject : RE: File R25375 UL 2043 requirements
Date : Friday, 04 dec. 2015 16:01:22 -0400

Hi Jacques,

In response to your inquiry:

– If you product was certified to UL 723, no need for UL 2043.

– UL 2043 certification is in lieu of UL 723 for discrete products. These are non-linear discrete objects that cannot be setup as a 24 ft. long sample.

Should you have any questions, please let me know?


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