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Best practices

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Falling saddles

Falling saddles problem

Thermal expansion causes piping to move, therefore displacing any traditional saddles and eventually causing them to fall.

Trying to stick them to the insulation with glue is not a good solution as the glue dries over time and separates.

Thinking of Ty-rap or duck tape? Same thing, drying effect!


Insuguard Falling saddles solution

There is really only one solution to falling saddles: allow the thermal expansion effect to occur! This is done by permanently securing the saddle to the strut, and allowing the insulated pipe to travel inside the saddle on a thin film of micro bubbles we’ve designed and incorporated in our manufacturing process.

Installing Insuguard is a permanent solution that save time & eliminates all safety concerns!

Condensing Mold Growth

Condensing Mold growth problem

Mold growth on insulation is due to condensation on pipes. The insulation is being compressed by the hanging support that causes it to lose insulating properties.


Insuguard condensing mould growth solution

Hangers are not designed to support insulated pipes without a saddle. The saddle’s role is to spread the weight on a longer surface to keep the insulation from being compressed. Your saddle should also allow the insulated pipes to move freely within the saddle.

Thawing / Condensation

Freezing dripping problem

Insulation compression caused by inappropriate saddles on refrigeration pipes often leads to ice forming.

As a result BTUs are lost and can cause water to drip creating safety max concerns


Insuguard Freezing dripping solution

Collars are no exceptions to freezing because they also compress the insulation. Furthermore, they are not tool-free installed therefore installation time is more than doubled.

Insuguard completely eliminates Freezing and dripping problems simply because it will not compress the insulation – ever!

Its tool-free and fast installation demonstrated, by a simple “clip on strut” feature, which makes it the best solution!

Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant leaks problem

The liquid lines on refrigerant systems are often taped around insulated pipes. The tape eventually dries and breaks leaving the liquid line in contact with struts or hangers. Vibrations eventually wears the pipes which will lead to refrigerant leaks.


Insuguard Refrigerant leaks solution

Our saddles are engineered with high lateral walls. Which protects the liquid line from strut, threaded rod and hangers.

Insulation Tear-Off

Insulation Tear-Off problem

Insulation tear-off appears when saddles are being displaced by thermal expansion. As a result the pipes are now in direct contact with suspension system and will lead damages/leaks.


Insuguard Insulation Tear-Off solution

Insuguard saddles are secured to the suspension system and allow free movement of insulated pipes. Insulation tear-off is now a thing of the past!



When the need for an extra pipe run arise, additional costs follow. Drilling holes in ceiling to anchor threaded rods and install an additional Clevis Hanger is both time consuming and requires extra material costs.



Insuclip fasteners only costs a fraction of conventional installations and allows adding various types of pipes or cables to an existing Clevis Hanger installation