InsuClipTM > Overview

Innovative pipe fastener takes advantage of unused space
at the top of standard Clevis Hangers


Need to run an extra line using existing Clevis hangers ? The InsuClipTM was designed to fill that need ! With this new inexpensive pipe fastener, you can now securely fasten liquid lines (refrigeration), water pipes, electrical cables, communications cables, etc. within the free space available above the cross-bolt of Clevis Hanger

insuclip pipe fastener clevis hangers

Time-saving tie-wrap style fastening

Dual straps already molded within the fastener
assembly, saving installation time

Tool-free installation

Nuts & bolts not required. Self-locking straps securely holds the pipe to the Clevis hangers

Versatile low-cost solution to old pipes or cables

The fastener only costs a fraction of conventional installations and allows adding various types of pipes or cables to an existing Clevis Hangers installation

Takes no additionnal ceiling space

Small fastener allows running pipes and cables through existing Clevis hangers unused space

Rounded shape of fastener base will accomodate various sizez of pipes or cables

The indented rounded base will securely hold pipes or cables sizes ranging from 0.25 to 2.25 inches (6.35 to 25 mm)

  • Tool-free installation

    The dual-strap fastener is first fixed to the pipe and then easily slid inside the Clevis Hanger upper space where it is attached to the cross-bolt. Both plastic straps are easily tightened and securely locked into place, just like you would do with a tie-wrap. The InsuClipTM fastener will not interfere with the swinging movement of the lower U-shaped metal strap as it is only attached to the cross-bolt.

  • Greatly contribute to lower your installation costs

    No need to install separate pipe hangers as you benefit from the free space provided by the upper area of the existing sturdy Clevis Hanger ceiling installation which can accommodate holding additional pipes or cables up to 2.25 inch (57 mm) in diameter. This clever, inexpensive fastener will save you time and money whenever your customers need to add an extra pipe run or some cabling to an existing installation.