InsuCover® > Overview

InsuCover® for extra protection!
will fit on any Insuguard products


Pipe covers

Some applications require that insulated pipes be attached to their support. The InsuCover® is the perfect accessory to complete this task.

One part suits all sizes

Simply cut to desired size

Allows the pipe to move

Sliding lip design at both ends

Fast installation

Simply cut to desired size & tie-rap at both ends

  • Breakthrough innovation

    Its flexible design allows it to automatically adjust to the pipe’s curve. Simply put on top of the pipe, it can be quickly attached with tie-wraps since both the Insuguard® and the InsuCover® have matching notches for easy tool free installation. Similar to the Insuguard®, its sliding lip design at both ends allows the pipes to move freely without damaging the insulation.

  • Tool free and convenient

    Keeping in mind convenience of use and fast installation, the InsuCover® was designed as a single part that will suit all sizes of Insuguard®. A quick knife cut will make the right size of cover needed as shown on left.