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Insuguard Multi® adapts to your needs!
Allows use on various sizes of strut, H-Beam / I-Beam, floor-mount, Clevis and steel angle mountings


Adaptable pipe saddle

Benefit from the same features as the Insuguard® family, with the advantage of adapting to different suspension systems, simply by swapping clipping adaptors.

One part suits multiple uses

Simply change adaptors to adapt

Tool-free installation

One simple click is all it takes

Fastest installation in the industry

40% faster than metal or plastic shields
80% faster than clamps and collars

Maintains pipe insulation properties

Eliminates displacement and/or failing of pipe support, leading to refrgerant leaks

Keeps thermal barrier intact

Eliminates insulation compression

Maintains liquid line in place

Eliminates refrigerant leaks there too

  • Breakthrough innovation

    Piping installations require different types of suspension systems, which also vary in sizes. This new design is made to adapt any chosen pipe saddle size on various sizes of strut, H-Beam / I-Beam, floor-mount, Clevis and steel angle mountings. Thanks to the interchangeable bottom adaptors, Insuguard Multi® eliminates the hassle & headaches of compatibility problems you’ve been dealing with for so long!

  • Standardize your installation

    The aim of Insuguard Multi® is to make the installer’s job easier while standardizing piping installations and improving appearance. Whether you are looking at new or existing installations, the Insuguard Multi® clip-on adaptors will adapt to both the suspension system and the selected size of saddle core.