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Insuguard non-adhesive surface pipe insulation pipe saddle

non-adhesive surface

The inside surface of the Insuguard® is equipped with a special texture(MT-11030) that allows the pipes and their insulation to move freely, within the saddle.

The texture’s design acts as micro bubbles to create a thin film of air between the saddle and the insulation to accommodate movement of the pipes generated by thermal expansion and vibration.

The insulation tear-off problem is a thing of the past!

Insuguard sliding lip design insulation damage saddle


Insulation damage is common at the end of traditional saddles. Their sharp edges attack the insulation when it moves.

Thanks to the Insuguard®’s lip design, it allows free lateral movement of piping at both ends, without damaging its insulation-EVER!

Insuguard free air flow saddle insulation pipe


Insulation compression at suspension locations breaks the thermal barrier, which leads to condensation or freezing points. When multiple lines are installed, traditional saddles do not protect against the compression of insulation between each pipe.

Insuguard® saddles wall create free air flow between insulated pipes, keeping the thermal bridge intact.

We take care of insulation compression all the way & around!

Insuguard lateral walls refrigerant leaks insulation


Insuguard® is the only pipe saddle that protects your insulation & pipes inside-out. Its lateral walls not only protects insulation damage between insulated pipes but also against the threaded steel rod.

Another feature, really optimal for the refrigeration industry, is that it holds the liquid line inside. By keeping the liquid line inside the saddle, it stops contact with the threaded steel rod, eliminating future refrigerant leaks.

Insuguard perfect fit strut channel falling saddle


Twisting, shifting & falling saddles lead to insulation tear-off, condensing & freezing, and so on. When doing an installation, you want it to last, not looking at doing the job twice or getting sued because of a falling saddle on someone’s head! At TB Concept, we feel that a rounded saddle has nothing in common with a square strut. We have designed the Insuguard® to perfectly ‘’Square-fit’’ and stay on the strut to avoid such problems. This also allows you to move your insulated pipes as much as you need when installing, without having to reposition saddles.

The InsuguardMulti™ is available with interchangeable adaptor to adapt to your different strut sizes.

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Insuguard tool free fast installation pipe saddle


Time is money!

Not only the Insuguard® is equally priced to traditional saddles, but its also tool-free installed, saving 40-80% installation time!

See the video that proves it.

A simple ‘’Click’’ is all it takes to put it on the strut channel.

Insuguard insulation color match pipe saddle


Insuguard® comes in Black or White to match your insulation color. This is perfect for open ceiling areas or simply to have a good looking, clean job!

Insuguard® can be painted without affecting its mechanical properties.

It is also a UV resistant product for outdoor use too.

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Insuguard matching notches insulated pipe cover


In the event that a InsuCover™ should be needed, the Insuguard® is equipped with matching notches to quickly adapt to.

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